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Friday, September 11, 2009

One day, after a physics's Heat lesson..Raju ,Lim & Anis had lunch & gossipping about this HOT girl..

Raju: Lim, u know what!I think that HOT girl is very bad temper
Lim: NO lah..she just not in a good mood
Raju:Well everyday nak marah je
Lim: Yeah u r right! I think sumthing wrong with her
Raju: I guessed I know the reason..
Lim: Really! What??
Raju: I know She ‘s HOT but I think she has low specific heat capacity!!!

Lim: What the s##t are u talking???
Raju: Yeah..its true.. low specific heat capacity means u can easily get HOT!
Lim: What???
Raju: When someone kacau je, she’s get HOT instantly..
Lim: But u must remember, she is easily cool down after that ma..
Raju: See!I told u..things with lower specific heat capacity will be easily cool down as well.
Anis: Oh, if that’s the case I think Rajuu, u have high specific heat capacity!!
Raju: Of course lah..i’m not easily get HOT hehe :)
Anis: ....and u r not ‘HOT’ as well huhu :p
Lim: Haiya..u guys read too much physics la
Raju&ANis: Of course la..SPM got one more month to study ma!

p/s; ingat yer..cpt HOT, has l0w heat capacity! =]

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